Thursday, February 22, 2018

Only 35% of Parents With Child At Risk of Self-Harm Properly Store Firearms, Survey Finds

From Psychiatric News Alert on 02/22/18:

A child’s history of risk factors for self-harm does not appear to influence caretaker decisions about whether to keep firearms in the home, or whether those firearms are kept unloaded and in locked storage.

That’s the finding from an analysis of data from an online survey published in Pediatrics

“Given the prevalence of household firearms in the United States, our findings suggest that millions of U.S. children are placed at substantially higher risk of fatal firearm injury, especially suicide, than would be the case were parents to follow guidelines first put forward by the AAP [American Academy of Pediatrics] more than a quarter century ago,” wrote John Scott, B.S., Deborah Azrael, Ph.D., and Matthew Miller, M.D., M.Sc., of Northeastern University and Harvard University.

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