Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mountain Men - the film

Mountain Men is an independent film on Netflix streaming about the re-union of two brothers, the management of their conflicted relationship with their father, and their grieving his mysterious death.

Questions about brotherly relationships, relationships between fathers and sons, and identity as one struggles to figure out one's place in the world especially in relation to the people one is related to and loves are addressed.

Mountain Men is a coming of age story but an unusual one in its depth and rawness. While funny in places, this movie takes the questions of existence and relationships seriously. We observe these two twenty somethings attempt to understand what it means to be a "man's man." This question is addressed in a nuanced way well worth considering.

This is recommended for general audiences and especially for people interested in family dynamics and sibling relationships especially between brothers. Cooper the younger brother, demonstrates what interpersonal psychotherapists might call an "avoidant attachment disorder" which his older brother, Toph, persistently and patiently attempts to manage by manipulative tactics of engaging Cooper in a closer relationship.

Toph, himself, struggles with what interpersonal psychologists call an "anxious attachment style" in relation to his girl friend who is pregnant with his child. Restoration of some level of rapport between these two brothers facilitates their growth, development and maturity into manhood in lovely ways which leaves the viewer pleasantly satisfied at the film's conclusion.

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